Top Ten Tube Travel Tips

The unoffical guide to using the London Underground


Tip 06: You need your ticket people

Top Tube Travel Tip six diagram, showing people standing in front of the ticket barriers looking through bags and pockets for their tickets

To get in or out of the tube network you need a ticket.

Whether it's an Oyster card or a retro paper ticket, you need one to get through the gates at the start and at the end of your journey.

It is really worth noting that (generally speaking) once at the top of your ascending escalator you will need to pass through a ticket gate pretty soon.

So get your ticket out before you get there. So many people seem to forget that there are gates on the way out. They stop, stunned like a rabbit caught in your headlights, frozen, not knowing what to do. Then they spend five minutes rummaging through their handbag / shopping bags / coat pockets looking for that magical token that will allow their escape.

Get it out on the way up the escalators, get it out while walking along the concourse, get it out before you get to the gates. At that point it's too late. You'll disrupt the flow and add the already high blood pressure of all those around you.

On a slight tangent, the same rule applies while queuing at cash machines and queuing at the till in a shop (especially supermarkets): you know you're going to need your money or you credit / debit card, so get it ready. You must be expecting it; you joined the queue!

About Top Ten Tube Travel Tips

All too often using the London Underground Tube system proves to be a frustraighting experience, both for seasoned users and new users alike (ironically the frustraition of the seasoned users is usually caused by the new users and vice versa).

This website was created to let new users in on some of the unwritten rules of travelling by tube (and to gently remind any seasoned users who care to listen that these rules should still apply to them too)

Admittedly most of the tips seem like common sense, but then it would also seem that most tube users are lacking in this department. Hence the site, the tips, and the hope that you will pay heed to what is written here.

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