Top Ten Tube Travel Tips

The unoffical guide to using the London Underground


Tip 04: Move along, there's plenty of room (2)

Top Tube Travel Tip four diagram, showing people crowding the entrances to platforms

The same logic applies to platforms, as to trains themselves. There is no reason to stand in the entranceway instead of moving along the platform.

The guys on the station even say, "Please move along the platform". How many more clues would you like?

Just think how less crowded the carriage would be if you weren't trying to get on one out of 5 / 6 with every other person on the platform?

Move along, the platforms are long. There's plenty of space. Use it.

On many stations, those brave enough to venture more than two feet from the platform entrance can find a whole new world of excitement.

More adverts, vending machines, even seats!

Move along. Make the journey. Have an adventure.

About Top Ten Tube Travel Tips

All too often using the London Underground Tube system proves to be a frustraighting experience, both for seasoned users and new users alike (ironically the frustraition of the seasoned users is usually caused by the new users and vice versa).

This website was created to let new users in on some of the unwritten rules of travelling by tube (and to gently remind any seasoned users who care to listen that these rules should still apply to them too)

Admittedly most of the tips seem like common sense, but then it would also seem that most tube users are lacking in this department. Hence the site, the tips, and the hope that you will pay heed to what is written here.

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