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The unoffical guide to using the London Underground


Tip 02: Let 'em off before getting on

Top Tube Travel Tip two diagram, showing people getting in the way of others disembarking the tube

It's not rocket science. If you want to get on a train, letting other people off first will make things a lot easier.

As anyone who has ever been on a tube will know, they're not the tardiss. They don't have an infinite amount of room inside.

There is only room for so many people. So logic would dictate that if you want to fit more people inside, it's a good idea to let other people get out first. Wouldn't it?

It's incredible the number of people who seem to fail to understand this. So, in an effort to make it really, really simple to understand here's a break down of why this idea works:

Imagine you have a car with seats for four people in it.

Imagine that there are three people sitting inside the car. (That leaves one seat free).

Imagine that you want to fit two more people inside the car. (You can't!)

To get your two more people in, you have to take one of the three out.

Now imagine that the doors only open on one side of the car, and in order for that one person to get out, they must shuffle across the single free seat.

Now take one of your new passengers and sit them in the free seat before the person leaving the car shuffles across.

Watch in excitement as the leaving person has to climb over the new passenger to get out.

Stupid, yes?

Point made.

About Top Ten Tube Travel Tips

All too often using the London Underground Tube system proves to be a frustraighting experience, both for seasoned users and new users alike (ironically the frustraition of the seasoned users is usually caused by the new users and vice versa).

This website was created to let new users in on some of the unwritten rules of travelling by tube (and to gently remind any seasoned users who care to listen that these rules should still apply to them too)

Admittedly most of the tips seem like common sense, but then it would also seem that most tube users are lacking in this department. Hence the site, the tips, and the hope that you will pay heed to what is written here.

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