Top Ten Tube Travel Tips

The unoffical guide to using the London Underground


Tip 01: Don't Leave Luggage Unattended

Top Tube Travel Tip one diagram, showing someone sitting away from his luggage

Apart from the obvious security worries leaving your luggage lying around can cause, do you really want it nicked? That confidential document from the office, that £100 pair of designer jeans, that cuddly toy for your nephew Billy, or even those more-than-slightly-embarrassing holiday photos that you have just had developed? Do you want any of that lot stolen? Pilfered? Removed from your possession? (Or in the case of the photos, put on the Internet?)


So don't leave it unattended in a public place! Sit with your luggage. Place it on your knee. If it's too big, then stand with it. Hell, sit on it if you want. Just don't leave it alone.

While we are on the subject of luggage: Don't watch a stranger's luggage for them either.

"Would you just watch this for me...?"


There is nowhere on a station or platform that people can go and cannot take their own luggage with them: it would defeat the purpose of stations and platforms.

About Top Ten Tube Travel Tips

All too often using the London Underground Tube system proves to be a frustraighting experience, both for seasoned users and new users alike (ironically the frustraition of the seasoned users is usually caused by the new users and vice versa).

This website was created to let new users in on some of the unwritten rules of travelling by tube (and to gently remind any seasoned users who care to listen that these rules should still apply to them too)

Admittedly most of the tips seem like common sense, but then it would also seem that most tube users are lacking in this department. Hence the site, the tips, and the hope that you will pay heed to what is written here.

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